About Me

Hello! I'm Douglas Onofre!

I'm a software developer with 4 years of professional experience in web and mobile development. I'm currently working with Angular, but fiddling with Svelte and SvelteKit for side projects, like this website. I like to learn new concepts and technologies for fun, and I'm very fond of teaching.


  • Angular 15 (Typescript, HTML, SCSS, Material Design, RxJS, Karma, Jasmine, Protractor);
  • Flutter (Dart, Cubit);
  • Firebase (Firestore, Authentication, Storage);
  • Svelte (SvelteKit, TailwindCSS, Pocketbase);
  • Google Cloud Platform (Compute Engine);
  • NestJS (Node.JS, JWT, TypeORM);
  • React (Material UI).


  • Jira/Azure;
  • Git (Gitlab, Bitbucket, Github);
  • Debugging via DevTools and Postman;
  • SCRUM;
  • Documentation writing and proofreading;
  • Presentation skills.


  • English (C2 Equivalent);
  • Japanese (A2 Equivalent);
  • Portuguese (Native).